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These machines are suitable for trimming and slitting of large rolls. It is mainly used in the processing and production of plastic films, paper, cloth and various paper-plastic composite materials (such as laminated paper, coated paper, synthetic leather, etc.) for printing and packaging. They can achieve high-precision cutting, are easy to operate, and are suitable for slitting needs of various materials.

1. Use a round knife for cutting to ensure high cutting accuracy, and the cutter can be adjusted arbitrarily.

2. A and B axes can be wound or wound independently, making operation easy.

3. Using air expansion shaft and automatic tension control, the finished product winding is orderly and compact.

4. The feeding bracket or feeding rack adopts an automatic hydraulic shaftless lifting device and has a heavy load.

5. Equipped with automatic waste edge discharge device to improve production efficiency.

6. It adopts frequency conversion speed regulation and microcomputer automatic control, and has advanced functions such as deviation correction device, automatic meter counting, alarm parking, and tension digital display.


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