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Paper Slitting Machine refers to a machine equipment used to cut large sheets of paper or film materials into required widths. Usually, the machine adopts a roll feeding method. After rolling up a large raw material, it is slit into required widths through a cutting device, and the cut material is rolled up and placed on the winding device.

1. Functions: Paper slitting machines need to have stable tension control, precise slitting and cutting technology, reliable winding device and other functions

2. Machine options: FQJ Paper Slitter and RewinderGSFQ High Speed Paper Slitter Rewinder LFQJ Gift Paper Slitting Machine

3. Application: Paper slitting machines play an important role in the processing of paper, film and related materials. Can be used in many industries such as printing, packaging, film processing, paper processing and building materials

4. Additional: If you have any requirements for our Extrusion coating lamination machine, welcome to write to us for more information and services.



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