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1. Automation control: The equipment adopts advanced PLC human-machine interface control system and has a high degree of automation. It is easy to operate and can adjust and monitor various parameters as needed to ensure the stability and quality of the production process.

2. Efficient extrusion system: The equipment is equipped with a high-precision imported die head and a high-speed and efficient mixing screw, which can achieve precise extrusion and mixing to ensure uniform and high-quality coating.

3. Versatile adaptability: The equipment can adapt to different substrates and laminating needs. It can handle different types of paper, film, aluminum foil and other materials, and can achieve single-sided or double-sided lamination.

4. Wide application fields: This equipment is widely used in the packaging industry, such as food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, daily necessities packaging, etc. It can produce composite materials with excellent properties, such as moisture-proof, waterproof, oxidation-proof, etc.

5. High-quality production: The automatic extrusion laminating machine has stable production efficiency and consistent product quality. Its precise control system and efficient extrusion process ensure stable operation of the production line and product consistency.


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