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Cutting glass wool cross-cutting machine in the cutting device What are the requirements?

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The cutting machine for cutting glass wool comprises a knife holder, a blade, a connecting rod, a cutting frame, an eccentric shaft, an eccentric wheel, a motor and a reducer, wherein the motor output end is connected with the reducer and fixed together on the eccentric shaft, Eccentric shafts are respectively arranged at two ends of the eccentric shaft, the upper part of the eccentric shaft is connected with the connecting rod, a cutting stand base is arranged at the middle position of the connecting rod; the top end of the connecting rod is connected with the knife holder, and a blade is arranged on the knife holder. Compared with the traditional cross-cutting machine, the utility model has the advantages of simple structure and good balance; the design of the inner eccentric wheel enables the motor to run and realize the function of the cross-cutting; meanwhile, the utility model simplifies the complexity of the traditional cross-cutting machine , Bulky structure, small footprint of equipment, low cost of using materials, low cost, small power consumption and meeting production needs.

A crosscutting machine for cutting glass wool comprises a machine frame, a knife device arranged at the rear end of the machine frame, a cardboard conveying device arranged on the machine frame and located at the front end of the knife device, the front end of the machine frame is provided with a forward Extending between the stretching table, the frame and the cardboard conveying device is provided between the cardboard conveying device can be moved back and forth in the extension of the moving mechanism, the moving mechanism comprises a support plate provided on both sides of the cardboard conveying device, provided on the support roll A shaft structure, a guide rail disposed on the frame and corresponding to the roller structure, and the crosscutting machine further comprises a fastening structure capable of relatively fixing the position between the paper conveying device and the frame. The moving mechanism of the utility model enables the cardboard conveying device to be moved back and forth on the machine frame and positioned so as to inspect and repair the cutter device. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure and easy operation. The transverse cutting machine of the utility model is suitable for carrying out Extensive application of a new type of cross-cutting device.

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