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WSFM1100-2000C automatic Extrusion Coating And Laminating Machine

WSFM1100-2000C automatic Extrusion Coating And Laminating Machine. Application: For producing Single Side PE Coated Paper Cup Paper

Product Description

WSFM1100-2000C full automatic high speed environmental laminating machine/automatic Extrusion Coating Lamination Machine

For producing Single Side PE Coated Paper Cup Paper,Paper Bowl Paper,Instant Noddle Bowl Paper etc.

Main features:
1.PLC man-machine interface control, the design of mechanical electrical integration.
2.High precision and imported die head
3.High speed and efficient mixing equipment (Italy technology).
4.Automatic hydraulic filter screen exchange
5.Equipped with dry type composite system, with the function of dry composite machine
6.And can be matched with a single extruder, Twin Extruder, extruder, multilayer coextrusion

The main technical parameters:

machinery specification 1100/90mm,1300/100mm ,1500/105mm, 1800/110mm
speed of coating film 150m/min,180m/min,200m/min
suitable coating resin film LDPE,PP, EVA ,EAA
suitable base material BOPP,BOPET,BOPA,CPP,CPE,PAPER,AL
width of coating film 1100mm,1300mm,1500mm,1800mm
thickness of coating film 0.012~0.1mm
inaccuracy thickness of coating film ≦±5%
complex cooling roller Φ500mm,Φ600mm,Φ700mm
screw specification (L/D)Φ90:33,Φ100:33,Φ105:33;Φ110:33
main unwinding diameter Φ800-1500mm
diameter of auxiliary unwinding Φ500mm
diameter of rewinding Φ800-1700mm



automatic Extrusion Coating And Laminating Machine

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