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Introduction of laminating machine

Datetime: 6/15/2019 2:06:00 PM   Visit: 1435

The laminating machine is a type of extrusion molding machine. The utility model has the advantages of high automation degree, simple operation, high production speed, uniform coating thickness, high adhesion fastness, flat coiling, environmental protection and no pollution, saving labor and raw material cost, etc., and has matured in Europe and the United States, and gradually applied in the country. It is an inevitable trend to replace dry composite and hot melt adhesive coating.

In fact, it is a true "leaching" film machine by spraying oily liquid on the surface of photographs and canvas with a liquid layer of about one meter. It is generally used in studios and other industries, and is a small machine for daily life. The composite material production line with a large line speed and a wide width belongs to the light industrial machinery. According to the industry standard of packaging printing and machinery manufacturing, it should be called the extrusion casting composite unit.

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