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SJFM 1100-2000B high speed extrusion film lamination machine

SJFM 1100-2000B high-speed extrusion film laminating machine can produce finished products with widths of 1200mm and 500-1000mm. The maximum lamination speed can reach 100-150 meters/minute, and the coating thickness is 0.01-0.1 mm. With a power of 70 kilowatts, this machine is efficient and versatile to meet a wide range of film lamination needs.

Product Description

SJFM 1100-2000B high speed extrusion film lamination machine
automatic Extrusion lamination machine

Brief introduction:

Sjfm series environmental protectional extrusion lamination machine, set unwinding and rewinding, drying, surface treatment,extrusion, compounding, trimming, suction side as a whole;it features with web guiding, corona treatment, line speed, meter counting; automatic tension control, temperature control and other advanced technology. Running speed 100-150m/min.
Application: paper pe coating, paper foil lamination, woven PP sack lamination, non woven lamination and so on.
It is widely used in disposable paper cup,oil and water proof paper bag, fast food boxes, pp woven bag, non woven vertical bag, baby diaper packing bag, cement bag, ground film, roof radiant barrier product and so on. 


1.Double station unwinding and rewinding system, automatic and non stop roll exchange
2.PLC One-touch centralized controls,advanced touch screen control system.the extruder can cooperate compounding body speed automatically, to reach set film thickness.
3. high efficient corona device, hydraulic for the network, are the first domestic, can effectively enhance the product peel strength.
4. Three roller compounding mechanism, back pressing roller makes compounding roller to force evenly and compounding firmly.
5. Peeling off silicone roller: compounding products peels off from cooling roller easily.
6. Compounding and filling regulating roller can overcome defects such as uneven of film thickness.
7. Disc slitting knife edge-cutter: sharp knife edge 
8. High pressure blower sucks scrap edge quickly.
9. Car type extrusion machine
10.T- type die head
11.Automatic and quick hydraulic filter screen exchange ( Our Factory patent) 
12.Surface rewinding roller (Double work-station ,Non-stopping)
13.Embossing function is avaliable

Technical parameters:

model SJFM-800 SJFM-1100 SJFM-1300 SJFM-1600 SJFM-1800
width of finished product 900mm 1200mm 1400mm 1800mm 2000mm
width of finished product 400-700mm 500-1000mm 600-1250mm 800-1500mm 900-1700mm
max speed 100-150m/min 100-150m/min 100-150m/min 100-150m/min 100-150m/min
Coating thickness 0.01-0.1mm 0.01-0.1mm 0.01-0.1mm 0.01-0.1mm 0.01-0.1mm
L/D ratio for screw Φ80mm×30 Φ95mm×30 Φ105mm×30 Φ120mm×32 Φ140mm×32
diameter for roll unwinding and rewinding Φ1300mm Φ1300mm Φ1300mm Φ1300mm Φ1300mm
overall size
9600×8000×3200 9600×8300×3200 9600×8600×3200 9600×9000×3200 9600×9300×3200
power 60kw 70kw 80kw 100kw 130kw
compounding roller Φ510mm Φ510mm Φ510mm Φ510mm Φ610mm
applicable for base material BOPP/BOPET/BOPA/CPP/CPE)/PAPER/Aluminum foil/non woven fabric
Extrusion resin LDPE、LLDPE、PP、EVA、EAA,etc



Extrusion lamination machine

non woven fabric lamination machine

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