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DFJ 800-1700 high precision computer cross cutting machine product introduction

Datetime: 7/2/2019 9:44:00 AM   Visit: 997

DFJ 800-1700 high-precision computer cross-cutting machine (common type) Scope of application: Main features: This machine is suitable for vertical and horizontal shearing of paper, trademark, cigarette, calendar, wine box, poker, paper-plastic composite and other materials. cut. Function: horizontal cross-cutting, automatic feeding, photoelectric tracking, with power control, frequency control, factory equipment, automatic counting, voice alarm and other functions.

Product Usage:

This machine is suitable for the cutting of large-volume packaging materials such as paper, paper-plastic composite, color printing composite. Widely used in the paper processing industry, printing and packaging industry.

Product Specifications:

  • Cross cutting speed: 80-100 m / min
  • Crosscut width: 200mm-model
  • Crosscut length: 20-1500 mm
  • Positioning accuracy: ±0.3 mm / piece
  • Mechanical beat: 20-100 times / minute
  • Host power: 7.5kw

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