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auto finishing cutting machine supplier

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Company Profile

Wenzhou Winrich Machinery Co.,ltd is located in Pingyang county,Wenzhou city of Zhejiang Province,China, established in 1996. It covers land area of 15,800sqm.standardized workshop of 11,000 sqm,and holds 50-100 sets machines production every month,which is the largest in Wenzhou.


product description

DFJ 1100-1700 high speed computer auto finishing cutting machine

auto finishing cutting machine supplier_auto finishing cutting machine

Main features:

1. The machine adopts the servo motor control long cut, and is provided with a photoelectric tracking correction system and in the product in a cross cutting and slitting, and for the finished products for automatic stacking the advantages of neat.

2 the transmission system uses the start, the photoelectric sensor and so on centralized control, puts the material system to use the pneumatic lifting device. The machine integrates light, electricity and gas, and has the advantages of simple operation, high cutting precision, high mechanical stability, low noise and the like.

3 motor variable frequency speed control, automatic counting, alarm stop, tension digital display and other functions.


This paper cutting machine is suitable for all kinds of paper, paper plastic composite color printing machine, laminating machine and other large reel packing machine material cutting. Widely used in printing and packaging industry, paper products processing industry, etc..

Technical parameter:

model DFJ-1100 DFJ-1300 DFJ-1700
diameter of material 1400mm 1400mm 1400mm
cutting width 1050mm 1250mm 1650mm
cutting lenght 20-1200mm 20-1200mm 20-1200mm
precision of fixed lenght ±0.3mm ±0.3mm ±0.3mm
production rate 80-100m/min 80-100m/min 80-100m/min
paper-piling height 1200mm 1200mm 1200mm
power 8kw 10kw 11kw
electric 380v/50Hz Trii-phase 380v/50Hz Trii-phase 380v/50Hz Trii-phase
requirement of air pressure source 5.5kg/cm2×5m3/min 5.5kg/cm2×5m3/min 5.5kg/cm2×5m3/min
weight 3200kg 4300kg 4500kg
overall dimension 7000×1700×1800mm 7000×2400×1900mm 7000×2500×1900mm


                       WR-FT-T700 High speed slitter

auto finishing cutting machine supplier_High speed slitter

Machine Characteristic

1.The machine combined the method of central rewinding and surface friction rewinding. It can be friction rewinding or center rewinding or combine both ways of rewinding

2.The machine adopts PLC automatic integrated control

3.A.B rewinding air expansion shaft driven by separate motor Rewinding parameters can be adjusted separately

4.Advanced hydraulic and pneumatic control system. It can realize different ways of rewinding

5.Adopt shaft rotating unload method  

Technical parameters

  • Unwinder dia : Φ1100mm  
  • Uwinder tension: 10-200N
  • Rewinder dia : Φ600mm
  • Rewinder tension: 10-200N
  • Mini slit width :13mm
  • Paper weight :30-200 g/m2
  • Max width :650mm
  • Max speed: 250m/min
  • Accuracy: ±0.5mm
  • Paper core size :3 inch

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