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Wenzhou Winrich Machinery Co.,ltd is located in Pingyang county,Wenzhou city of Zhejiang Province,China, established in 1996. It covers land area of 15,800sqm.standardized workshop of 11,000 sqm,and holds 50-100 sets machines production every month,which is the largest in Wenzhou.

Company's main products are:extrusion coating and lamination machines, slitter and rewinder, paper cutter and sheeter, which are widely used in paper, cloth, metal foil, plastic bags, non woven fabric and other materials. Machines are pretty popular in Southeast Asia, Middle East, Eastern Europe, South America, Africa and other countries, it also has occupied 80% of Chinese market. Strong technical team, sophisticated production process, perfect testing means, excellent management level, timely after-service, makes it a professional and brand manufacturer of printing and packaging equipment in China.


product description

GDJA-1400/1700 hob type double station servo-driven computer paper cutter

computer paper cutter supplier_servo-driven computer paper cutter

Main features:

GDJA type drum tangent machine adopts the advanced technique of Taiwan and the United Kingdom, AC servo motor drive, stable cutting speed; import bearings, precision and cutting knife, cut off the high accuracy; green touch computer interface control, simple operation, simple structure of the anti curved frame, ensure that the paper flat is currently to make paper and printing industry in general the paper products processing machinery 

The main technical parameters:

model GDJA-1400/1700
model of cutting paper The up knife cut reciprocally and the down knife is fixed
reference weight of cutting paper 50-500g
cutting accuracy The cutting length is below 1300mm±0.5mm
cutting speed 300cuts/min
gross weight 13000kgs/15000kgs
power consumption AC380V/220V×50Hz
cutting meter speed 300m/min
cutting lenght range 450-1450mm
paper-piling height 1300mm
scroll diameter 1800mm(71")Max
paper-cutting width 1400/1700mm
the format of slitting 2sheet
the request for air compressor Max.5.5kg/cm2×5m3/min
Suitable Stick size Length:80mm,100mm,120mm
Shape of cotton buds Single head, Double head
Suitable stick Bamboo stick,paper stick,wooden stick
manner of packing Film bag
Machine Size(L*W*H) 9.6*1*1.6 m
Machine Weight 1890kg


DFJ 800-1700 high precision computer auto transverse cutting machine

computer paper cutter supplier_computer transverse cutting machine

Main features:

This paper cutting machine is suitable for paper, trademark, Yanbiao, calendars, wine boxes, cards, paper plastic composite coil materials such as longitudinal and transverse shear. Function: flat cutting, automatic feeding, photoelectric tracking, with power control, variable frequency speed regulation, plant, automatic counting, voice alarm function


This machine is suitable for various kinds of paper, paper plastic composite, color composite such as large reel packaging materials cut. Widely used in paper products processing industry, printing and packaging industry, etc.

Main technical parameters:

Transverse Cutting Speed 80-100m/min
Width of Transverse Cutting 200mm
Length of Transverse Cutting 20-1500mm
Fixing Precision ±0.3mm/pcs
Capacity time 20-100times/min
Main power 7.5kw(Transverse cutting machine)

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